Counterfeits and Pirated Goods

Counterfeit goods can have an immensely negative impact on legitimate brand owners. Kronenberger Rosenfeld has fought online counterfeiters for over 15 years, using a variety of legal tactics to get quick and decisive results for our clients dealing with counterfeits.

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We help clients fight back against internet counterfeiters.

The internet is filled with various types of pirates selling counterfeit goods, in both digital and hard good format. Kronenberger Rosenfeld takes rapid and decisive action against counterfeiters — first, to stop the distribution of unauthorized products and second, to seize either digital or hard goods related to the piracy.

We take quick and decisive action to shut down internet piracy operations.

We have filed complaints against people selling counterfeit goods in the Amazon Marketplace, taken action to disable pirated apps in the Apple App Store and Google Play, and shut down a wide variety of piracy operations selling counterfeit ebooks, games, and other digital media.

Kronenberger Rosenfeld has a particular focus on disabling websites and seizing various digital assets from counterfeiters. Our lawyers would be happy to discuss how our techniques can be applied to your particular internet counterfeiting matter. Just give us a call at (415) 955-1155, ext. 120, or submit your matter using our online case submission form.

  • Represented a major manufacturer of office supplies in a counterfeiting lawsuit against a company selling knock off products in the Amazon Marketplace.
  • Represented a major online video game company in shutting down Chinese pirates selling unauthorized versions of client’s games.
  • Represented numerous clients in securing takedowns of counterfeit digital products from overseas servers outside of U.S. jurisdiction, including in Serbia, Spain, and China.
  • Represented a computer tablet manufacturer in the removal of counterfeit goods from the Amazon Marketplace.

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