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Trademarks, Copyrights & Trade Secrets

Intellectual property is a key area of the law for enforcing or defending your rights on the Internet, whether it involves trademarks, copyrights or trade secrets. Moreover, federal false advertising and trade libel are governed by the federal Lahnam Act (the comprehensive federal trademark statute), and these two areas each rely in some way on trademark principles. At Kronenberger Rosenfeld, we are savvy intellectual property lawyers, and we can bring our wealth of experience in the Internet realm to bear for your business.

Spam Law

Kronenberger Rosenfeld is one of the winningest law firms in the country for defending advertisers, networks and affiliates against spam litigation, in federal and state courts, in California and in other states. We also help clients avoid litigation by providing guidance on complying with state and federal spam laws, and other regulations affecting web and mobile marketing.

FTC / Advertising Law Compliance

Kronenberger Rosenfeld represents defendants in FTC actions involving a variety of claims, including deceptive online advertising and the breach of privacy laws. We also advise clients on the implementation of thorough preventative measures to avoid FTC and AG inquires in the first place.

Class Action Defense

Kronenberger Rosenfeld represents defendants in consumer class actions, TCPA/SMS spam class actions, deficient product labeling class actions and email spam class actions.

Website Agreements

Kronenberger Rosenfeld crafts terms and conditions of use, privacy policies and other key website agreements. We also conduct general Internet law compliance reviews of our clients’ websites and mobile apps.

Domain Names

A core part of Kronenberger Rosenfeld’s Internet law practice involves cybersquatting matters, domain disputes, domain theft or “hijacking,” and legal services related to the management of large domain name portfolios. We also handle a variety of both pre- and post-judgment seizures of domain names and other digital assets.

False advertising & Defamation

Kronenberger Rosenfeld has taken quick and decisive action for clients facing false Internet advertising by their competitors. The application of Internet law to the complexities of web marketing is a growing area for the firm. We also represent clients in a variety of business disparagement, defamation and speech matters, to include so-called “gripe site cases” and many different types of business defamation and trade libel disputes.

Anonymous Online Misconduct

Kronenberger Rosenfeld’s regular use of digital forensics in our Internet law-related litigation, and our in-house investigative resources, are great benefits to our clients who are victims of anonymous Internet fraud, click fraud, hacking, anonymous defamation, security breaches, impersonation, piracy or unfair competition.

Payment Processing / Electronic Payments

Kronenberger Rosenfeld represents clients in disputes with payment processors, merchant banks, and ISOs on a variety of payment processing matters. Our firm regularly litigates contract disputes involving payment processing as well as complex technical matters relating to financial transactions online.

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