Anonymous Fraud

Unmask Fraudulent Anonymous Actors on the Internet.

The Internet provides a cloak of anonymity to those seeking to do you or your business harm. If you have an Internet fraud complaint about an unscrupulous competitor, a disgruntled former customer, or a common thief with designs on your bank account, Internet fraud lawyers at Kronenberger Rosenfeld can help you fight back.

We can root out the identities of those committing anonymous Internet fraud. Our digital forensics experience is key in identifying anonymous wrongdoers.

Kronenberger Rosenfeld uses an array of investigative processes and technologies to track and identify those who engage in anonymous Internet fraud. We are also adept at leveraging the subpoena powers of state and federal courts to discover the server logs and other digital footprints of online perpetrators. Unlike most traditional firms, we relish the challenge of investigating, identifying, and bringing those who engage in Internet fraud to justice - often before they even know we are onto them.

Kronenberger Rosenfeld utilizes its Internet forensics capabilities to unmask different types of anonymous Internet fraud campaigns.

To discuss your anonymous Internet fraud matter, call Kronenberger Rosenfeld’s Internet fraud lawyers at (415) 955-1155, ext. 120. Or submit your matter using our online case submission form.


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