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In the digital age, so much of your most valuable copyrighted property can be stolen at the click of a mouse. In some cases, the speed with which you respond to copyright infringement can be crucial, since it takes just hours for stolen content to appear on bulletin boards and file-sharing sites and in the indexes of search engines crawling the web for new content. We get better and faster results, due to the size of our firm, enabling us to be more efficient and respond quickly. For us, “better” means disabling infringing content in 24 hours instead of a year.

We represent content owners, alleged infringers, and ISPs in all types of Internet copyright matters.

Whether you are a copyright owner attempting to enforce your rights, or an individual or business accused of infringing on the copyright rights of others, Kronenberger Rosenfeld can help. We also represent Internet Service Providers (ISPs), user-generated content publishers, and similar web and mobile app operators attempting to preserve their immunity under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, 17 USC § 512. We can help you decide what actions to take in your copyright infringement matter and can take them immediately as necessary to protect your rights.

Kronenberger Rosenfeld’s experience in the area of Internet copyright infringement runs the gamut of copyrightable Internet assets — from website graphics, to mobile apps, to eBooks, to photos, to MP3 and video files, to web text content. Related to digital copyright is the issue of unlawful misappropriation of your image or likeness over the Internet. Click here to learn more about the rights of victims of misappropriation.

Kronenberger Rosenfeld's knowledge of web technologies and experience dealing with evasive or anonymous infringers enable us to make decisions and act before the other party even knows we are on the case. We welcome you to submit your Internet copyright infringement case to us using our online case submission form or by calling us directly at 415-955-1155, ext. 120

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  • Obtained a temporary restraining order requiring Google to remove certain administrative documents from GoogleDocs on the grounds that they were the copyrighted works of our client, an International business.
  • Represented a designer of websites for medical service providers in a series of copyright infringement suits. In each case, the defendant (a separate medical service provider) had copied and displayed some or all of our client’s website templates for its own use. In each case, our firm reached a favorable settlement on behalf of our client.
  • Represented a car rental company as the plaintiff in federal copyright lawsuit in which a competitor had copied and displayed our client’s original content on the competitor’s website. Our client drafted this original content for its own car rental website and had obtained copyright protection for that text with the U.S. Copyright Office based on our firm’s pre-litigation counseling.
  • Represented a law firm in a copyright and defamation dispute involving a competing law firm.
  • Represented a producer of television advertisements for attorneys in copyright infringement lawsuit against a law firm that had copied client’s video advertisements nearly frame-by-frame. After filing a complaint, negotiated quick and favorable settlement of the case.
  • Defeated the motion to dismiss a complaint for copyright infringement for lack of personal jurisdiction, filed in the Central District of California, on grounds that the defendant, an Ohio radio station, maintained a website focused on California-based celebrities and entertainment, and it was on this website that the celebrity photo in question, taken in Los Angeles, was published without the Plaintiff’s permission. After denial of this motion, the case was resolved for the client through a favorable settlement.
  • Despite fair use defense, negotiated a favorable settlement for the owner of a celebrity photograph used without permission by a plastic surgeon on his website blog discussing celebrity plastic surgery news and gossip.
  • Represented a historian photographer in copyright infringement action against a renowned musical group for exceeding the scope of license to a photographer’s work, resolving the same through settlement in the client’s favor.
  • Represented an investment banker in identifying the party responsible for stealing proprietary content, using copyright laws and subpoenas to Microsoft.
  • Represented a seller of top grossing weight loss ebooks on the Internet in copyright infringement claims against the competitor.

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