Kronenberger Rosenfeld operates at the crossroads of the Internet and the law. Our sole focus on Internet law and policy, along with our established track record in precedent-setting cases, puts us in the best position to provide legal solutions on Internet and technology matters.


Our clients know us as:

Precedent setters

The law is old. The Internet is new. The field of Internet law is rapidly evolving as the legal principles of yesterday struggle to keep pace with the technology of tomorrow. As pioneers of Internet law, we push forward change that favors our clients. We are responsible for groundbreaking rulings regarding spam, domain name litigation, the DMCA, Internet trademark infringement and piracy, false advertising, deceptive trade practices, copyright, and more.


Creative problem solvers

We have a track record of finding new ways to apply existing laws to Internet-related issues, often achieving results using techniques that other law firms overlooked. We have used a variety of methods to track people and money through the Internet, analyzing data for digital fingerprints and utilizing triangulation techniques to home in on our targets. We’ve used John Doe lawsuits to identify and prosecute even the most elusive fraudulent parties in hiding. We were the first to auction a judgment debtor’s domain names as personal property. We have helped develop the legal landscape for payment processors and high-risk Internet merchants. And when necessary, we proactively develop our own theories of liability where no case law exists.


Tech savvy

We speak your language. We know the vernacular and infrastructure of the Internet, and how performance marketing and tech companies operate, all of which saves our clients both time and money. We have helped numerous clients grow from struggling Internet startups to multi-million dollar enterprises with vast IP portfolios, and we understand the risks, concerns, and potential rewards at every step along the way. We also integrate high-technology throughout our entire practice. We operate a “paperless” law office, and we rely on the latest in online communications, document management systems, and trial preparation software to create efficiencies and savings for our clients.


Collaborative risk sharers

We recognize that legal fees are not “one size fits all.” When possible, we provide custom-tailored billing options—including hourly rates, flat fees, and contingency fees, or a combination thereof—that meet our clients’ specific objectives and cash flow requirements. We also share some financial risks with our clients by combining lower fees with incentive payments upon achieving success milestones.


Sized right

Building our firm has never been about the numbers, it’s been about the people. Each of our attorneys has a unique background and contributes a specialized expertise to our practice. In addition, our manageable size keeps our overhead low while still enabling us to provide the full spectrum of quality services to our clients. We staff our matters leanly and rely on the firm’s investment in litigation management systems. When appropriate, we offer additional cost savings by delegating assignments to skilled staff with lower hourly rates. As a result of all of these efforts, our clients pay far less than they would with our big-firm counterparts.


Plugged in

Our clients are located all over the world, but our location in San Francisco places them at the nexus of technology and law. We litigate in state and federal courts across the country, but prefer to keep our offices closest to the courts most prolific in creating law about intellectual property, technology and the Internet, including the Northern District of California and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.