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We speak the language of Internet-oriented businesses.

Kronenberger Rosenfeld is the leading Internet-focused law firm in the country.

Our practice focuses exclusively on matters of Internet law. That focus, and the in-depth experience that comes with it, allows us to provide our clients with specialized attention and problem solving in all aspects of Internet law. From Internet copyright and trademark infringement to online fraud, from consumer privacy to domain disputes, and from user-generated content to mobile marketing, if it involves the Internet, we’ve probably seen it.

What distinguishes us most from other law firms is that we understand Internet technologies. And we speak the language of Internet-oriented businesses. Our eyes don't glaze over at the mention of PPC trademark infringement, cybersquatting, hacking, SMS marketing, Internet Protocol addresses, or metadata. We are pioneers in the area of Internet law because as Internet lawyers we have followed our passion for technology, media, and the Internet, and the unique issues of law that arise in transactions in those areas.

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We are committed to communicating well with our clients and to keeping them updated at all stages of representation. This commitment to communication begins with our online case submission, which allows potential clients to submit their matters to us online and, in appropriate cases, to receive our prompt comments and advice.


We are dynamic, creative, and entrepreneurial, but well grounded in common sense and sound business judgment.



What our clients are saying…


“Our relationship with Kronenberger Rosenfeld is so seamless that we often feel they are an extension of our in-house staff. The immediate response and personal attention to detail we receive from the firm makes them our go-to choice for most legal matters. We would not hesitate to recommend Kronenberger Rosenfeld to anyone who needs proficient and trustworthy Internet law attorneys. We look forward to a long and fruitful working relationship for many more years to come.”

—Daniel Vasile, Senior VP of Business Development, Artix Entertainment LLC

“We were initially attracted to Kronenberger Rosenfeld nearly a decade ago for their reputation as one of the leading firms for Internet and e-commerce law. The firm works in sync with us to accommodate our needs in our fast-paced industry. They never drop the ball. As a client, I appreciate the fact that the Kronenberger Rosenfeld team works quickly and is conscious of staying within our budget. It is truly a pleasure to work with everyone at the firm.”

—Jorge Guerrero, Compliance Manager, LD Products, Inc



“The attorneys of Kronenberger Rosenfeld are true experts in their field. Beyond their extensive knowledge of Internet law and related matters, they prove to care about their clients every day. It’s very significant to know that I can call them any time of the day and if they’re not available to talk in that moment, they will get back to me instantly. I have recommended Kronenberger Rosenfeld to many of my associates and will continue doing so.”

—Mario Milanovic CEO, Whipcode, Inc.

“When I started in Internet marketing 15 years ago, there were very few lawyers focused on Internet law and I found myself teaching the firms I hired how to do their job. Several years later, I met Karl Kronenberger and was struck by the fact that he brought the precise knowledge I had been looking for. Karl is not only knowledgeable, but he is also fair and reasonable. He understands how entrepreneurs work, so he keeps costs down and makes every billed hour worthwhile. Karl goes above and beyond in his attention to my business and myself, and that’s why I recommend him to everyone I know who needs legal services in his areas of expertise.”

—Michael, Entrepreneur



Kronenberger Rosenfeld recognized as a Top Boutique of 2015 by The Daily Journal

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