Anonymous Online Misconduct

Internet Law Firm Exposes Fraudulent Internet Site Targeting Medical School Students.

  |   Saturday, October 15, 2005

With the filing of an amended complaint in federal court in Las Vegas, the firm exposed to the world the true control and ownership of an Internet website that has troubled medical school administrators for years.As alleged in the amended complaint, the Association of American International Medical Graduates (AAIMG), formerly found at, has provided dubious advice to prospective medical students for years, without any accountability and with the true ownership of the organization shrouded behind free Hotmail email addresses and bank accounts in the Bahamas.

The lawsuit was initially filed in July of 2005, naming the fictitious owners of the organization as defendants. Among these defendants is Dr. Thomas Moore, accompanied by a stock photograph to create the illusion that this person and the other officers of AAIMG actually exist. Significant investigative efforts and Internet forensics conducted after the initial complaint was filed revealed smoking gun evidence of the true ownership of AAIMG, which, as alleged in the amended complaint, is made up of, among others, one of the very medical schools that has received glowing reviews on the website over the years.

"The type of Internet fraud and false advertising that is alleged in the AAIMG amended complaint is burgeoning now, especially with the growth of free Internet access points and free email addresses," says firm partner, Karl Kronenberger.

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Karl S. Kronenberger

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