The Credit Card Processing Industry is Growing in Unique Ways Due to the Surge in Ecommerce

The significant growth in e-commerce has required the credit card processing industry to expand and adapt to meet the needs of Internet merchants. New players have emerged to facilitate payment processing for Internet commerce, such as Internet payment gateways and ISOs ("independent sales organizations") that represent merchant banks. The expansion of the credit processing industry complicates the legal obligations among e-commerce merchants, ISOs, merchant banks, payment gateways and payment processors.

In particular, e-commerce merchants that engage in high volume, higher-risk transactions face a number of unique obstacles unknown to "brick and mortar" merchants. Our firm has dealt with many of these unique legal issues:

Tap Into Our Expertise in Payment Processing, Web Technologies and Internet Disputes

Our experience litigating complex technical matters such as hacking, software disputes and Internet fraud serves us well when dealing with credit card processing disputes. Our payment processing litigation experience has provided us with considerable knowledge about the players in the industry and the unique legal obligations between and among the different players in the payment processing industry. Our reputation as aggressive business litigators and our ability to handle large e-discovery matters further enhances our ability to attain beneficial results for clients on payment processing matters.

If you have a credit card processing legal matter and you think Kronenberger Rosenfeld can help, you're invited to submit your case by means of our online case submission form. You may also call us at 415-955-1155, ext. 120.


Credit Card Processing Legal Disputes

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